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Annabelle takes off her panties in a cafe leaving the with nothing

Annabelle is our favorite kind of amateur - young, fresh and with a sweet facade that covers the eager, naughty vixen boiling underneath.

Annabelle's sweet side shined at the cafe, but soon as we hit the streets, her angelic eyes turned distinctly devilish. The first surprise was when this little "angel" took it upon herself to remove her top and bottoms jn the bikini shoot, leaving the with nothing but a pair of heels. So when she started brazenly spreading it wide and wicked on the upskirt segent, we shouldn't have been so shocked. Well, the gal was as red hot and horny as we were by that point, so we hustled to our secluded spot where she didn't just bring it; she came. And we've got the dripping wet footage to prove it.

When later asked what prompted such wild behavior, she replied that the devil made her do it.

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wide upskirt wide and wicked on the upskirt
bare breast in full public view strip and walking

Bridgette is star in the making tan and statuesque, this Spanish beauty know she's the full package. So we took that package to the streets to see just how unwrapped we could get it.

Bridgette turned out to be a natural and we got thrown out of sidewalk bar in short order, something about us groping her bare breast in full public view. It was a good warmup for Melrose Avenue where she almost had a heart attack because of all the people around, then she almost gave us a heart attack when she stripped completely naked and started playing with herself by the side of the road!

By this time we were all pretty worked up, so we took her to a mountain overlook and covered her body with cocoa butter. We let our hands do the talking while her fingers did the "walking", and when she came, it was special delivery all the way.

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body with cocoa butter
no panties in a cafe ass to the breeze

April O`Nell is a boob lover's dream - a charming newb with a set of normulous naturals as fresh and fun as the playground of the body.

April claimed to be a bit shy and only agreed to do the shoot because I promised her we wouldn't go anywhere too public. Needless to say I lied and we took April to some risky spots where things got sexy dangerously quick. At the cafe, shyness aside, she let her big breasts slip from her dress, smiled and spread her legs wide. But her pleasure play was the prelude and on our walk it was April came into full bloom. On a very busy Hollywood street, dress hiked up around her waist, ass to the breeze, she just let her magnificent mams hang out foe the all the world's enjoyment.

Now that was a thing to see. Auld lang-motherfucking-syne!

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smiled and spread her legs wide April is a boob lovers dream
Annabelle losing her panties Annabelle was coming

Annabelle is such a joyful exhibitionist we just had bring her back for a second round. As smoking hot as her first time out was, we had a pretty good feeling she'd outdo herself, and boy were we spot on.

This Teasers vet earned her stripes early with a hot stroll through downtown L.A. where a "Panty Thief" was on the loose. Our Annie ended up losing it all - her panties, her skirt, even her top. In the end she was lift there, pair of high heels. Next up was the rooftop of a swanky hotel where we watched her go wild in the middle of pool party! The place was packed and if the wet, see-through top didn't attract everyone's attention, her bottomless adventures sure as hell did. The only way we got her out of there was by promising a nice secluded spot where she could have some "personal time".

We pulled off at the first underpass we found and let her get to it. The sun was doing down, Annabelle was coming, up above the traffic rolled by. Another happy ending to a perfect Teasers day.

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Annabelle was coming Annabelle takes off her skirt in a cafe


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